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What is Interactive Tax Assistant?

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has an online tool called Interactive Tax Assistant to answer some of the common questions of individuals regarding taxes. By accessing this tool, taxpayers could receive automatic answers to their tax questions simply by following instructions and making few clicks.

Common tax topics such as whether a person needs to file a tax return, tax filing status, basic deduction inquiry, and whom a taxpayer can claim as a dependent, can be answered by the online tool. Once on the official IRS website, taxpayers could have their queries answered by providing their information and answering some questions asked by the tool. Using the Interactive Tax Assistant, or ITA, is simple and people may be able to print a copy of the result they obtain from the tool. The information in the ITA tool is only applicable for natural-born citizens and legal immigrants. The IRS has other information for taxpayers with different citizenship status. Taxpayers who are considering using the ITA tool should note that the answers are not considered advice and the answer they receive is based on the information they provide.

Aside from the ITA tool, individuals can also seek tax information from a lawyer who is familiar with the tax law. Find out how a tax representative could legally assist you with your taxes today by filling out the contact form on the top of this page.