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Tax Relief

Did you know that a large number of tax returns contain errors?  Statistics show that an average of 20% of all tax returns contain serious mistakes.  Certain kinds of tax returns are more prone to error than others.  For example, it is estimated that nearly 70% of all S Corp tax returns have major errors.  If IRS tax agents find a problem with your current or past tax returns, you and your business could face heavy back taxes and serious legal penalties.

If the IRS is hounding you about unpaid taxes, you may believe you have no choice but to pay the amount they ask.  Fortunately, this could not be further from the truth.  In many cases, people are able to sharply reduce the amount they owe the IRS through a process known as “tax relief.”  A tax relief attorney can be instrumental in helping you with:

  •  Tax Relief
  • IRS Action
  • Tax Penalties

Our tax relief lawyers have extensive experience with tax law and tax litigation.  We are committed to helping individuals and businesses avoid devastating tax penalties and resist unfair IRS actions.  To discuss your situation with us, please fill out the form at the top of this page and we will contact you about your tax relief options.