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Relief available for financially distressed taxpayers

There are situations when people become incapable of settling the amount of tax they owe due to financial problems. Unfortunately, things can get worse if the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) pursues financially distressed taxpayers after they incur too many debts. If you are struggling to pay taxes you owe, you could file a claim to have a relief if you meet these descriptions:

  • Taxpayers who are unable to earn an income due to their disabling condition
  • Taxpayers or a relative who are burdened with costly medical treatments
  • Taxpayers who can no longer sustain their daily living if they are pressured to settle their unpaid debts

Facing overwhelming financial woes can be extremely stressful, especially if the IRS is threatening you with hefty fines or possible imprisonment for failing to settle your taxes. Working with a skilled attorney is important to help you obtain the tax relief you need. Learn more about your options by filling out the contact form on this page.