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IRS Action Attorney

The United States Internal Revenue Service is not simply a tax collection agency. Commonly known as the IRS, it also fills the role of tax auditor and tax enforcer. Many individuals and businesses have suffered the effects of an IRS action, which can drain your finances and leave you feeling helpless and frustrated. If the IRS has targeted you or your business for alleged tax problems, you may be able to protect your interests by contacting an aggressive tax relief attorney.

What is an IRS Action?

In the United States, both private citizens and public legal entities must file annual tax returns. Statistics show that over half of all personal and business tax returns contain errors. If the IRS notices an error on your tax return, or finds that you have failed to file returns in the past, the agency may choose to take action against you.

An IRS action generally begins with a formal investigation. IRS agents may probe into your personal and business financial records, looking for evidence of fraud and other tax crimes. An IRS action can lead to serious penalties, so it is important to begin planning your legal defense as soon as this process begins.

Consequences of an IRS Action

If the IRS concludes that you have acted improperly, it may impose a number of severe penalties in an attempt to recoup its perceived losses. These penalties may take several forms, including:

  • Wage garnishment
  • Tax Levies
  • Tax Liens
  • Property seizure

The financial costs of an IRS action can be devastating for individuals and businesses. Bankruptcy and business failure are not uncommon in the wake of an IRS dispute. In many cases, these tragic consequences could have been avoided through quick and decisive legal action. When the IRS threatens your financial security, stand up for your rights by contacting an experienced tax relief attorney as soon as possible.

Contact an Attorney

Our tax relief attorneys have vigorously defended individuals and businesses against IRS actions. We draw on our extensive knowledge of tax law to protect our clients’ financial interests during these difficult times. To schedule an initial consultation, contact us with the details of your case today.