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What Is a Tax Lien?

There are myriad factors that can affect your financial status, including your health, marital status, and unforeseen events, such as natural disasters and crime. When one or a combination of these factors make it impossible for you to pay the full amount of tax money that you owe, the IRS may take any number of actions against you to obtain payment. One of the actions that may cause you a great deal of distress and further financial burden is a tax lien.

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Defining a Tax Lien

Whether you are delinquent on paying your income taxes or the taxes on any property, such as your house or car, the IRS may decide to impose a tax lien on you. A tax lien is a form of security interest that is imposed on a property that a debtor owns until the amount owed is paid or the lien exceeds the maximum amount of enforceable time.

Under a tax lien, the debtor is no longer considered the owner of the property until the amount owed is satisfied. Accordingly, a lien gives the IRS the ability to seize the property if the taxes owed cannot be paid. When the IRS intends to impose a tax lien on you or is preparing to seize your property, they are required to notify you of their intentions prior to taking action.

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