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Tax Penalty Abatements: What Are They and How Do You Qualify for One?

When you have been unable to pay your taxes in the full amount or in a timely manner, it’s very possible that the IRS will charge you penalties that can make paying your taxes in full extremely difficult. As the taxes increasingly mount, it may feel like you are in over your head and have no options; however, in certain cases, if you can prove you were facing hardship, you may be eligible to receive penalty abatement.

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The Ins and Outs of Penalty Abatements

Penalty abatement allows you to only pay back the initial taxes owed and dismisses any of the subsequent monetary penalties that have accumulated. Getting penalty abatement can be a complicated process and extremely difficult because it requires you to prove without a doubt that you were facing extreme hardship and/or are not responsible for the incurred penalties. People who are usually approved for penalty abatement typically have extenuating circumstances, such as:

  • Major family disturbances (i.e. divorce, death in the family)
  • Major and costly illness or injury
  • Natural disaster
  • Poor tax advice
  • Theft
  • Being unemployed for a long period of time

These circumstances are not an extensive list of ways you may qualify for penalty abatement, so if you believe you are qualified, you should seek the advice of an experienced tax attorney.

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