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S Corp Tax Return Errors

Anyone can make a mistake on his or her tax return, but some returns are more complicated than others, causing them to be more likely to have errors on them. For example, S Corp tax returns are some of the most common returns to contain significant errors. In these types of returns, corporations often make errors that the IRS interprets as potentially helpful to the corporation while also being potentially harmful to the U.S. government. In other words, the IRS often asserts that S Corp tax return errors, in a way, wrongfully save the corporation money during tax season, which could cause the IRS to take action against the company.

If you are part of an S Corp and are facing an IRS action for a tax-related error, contact an experienced tax relief attorney of the Tax Relief Law Center today by filling out our easy contact form at the top of this page.

Common S Corp Errors

Corporations involve a huge number of tax-related forms and financial complications, making errors in taxes relatively common. Some of the most commonly cited errors on S Corp tax returns include:

  • Writing off ineligible expenses
  • Preparer mistakes / low preparer standards
  • Mistakes in ownership shares claims
  • Calculation mistakes

These common errors are responsible for a number of IRS actions against S Corp representatives. In order to combat these actions, you may need legal assistance.

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