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Put an End to Harassing Phone Calls

When the IRS believes that a person has failed to appropriately pay their taxes owed to the government, it may resort to a variety of actions in an effort to acquire these payments. One thing that IRS representatives may do to intimidate taxpayers is make harassing phone calls. For a phone call to be harassing, it may be repetitive, non-stop, or consist of verbal attacks, threats, or misrepresentations. This can be extremely disconcerting and cause a large amount of stress for a person in an already stressful financial situation.

With the help of an experienced tax relief attorney, those facing IRS actions may be able to put a stop to harassing phone calls and other disruptive behaviors of the IRS. If you or someone you know is receiving unwanted attention from the IRS regarding your taxes, speak with a knowledge tax specialist at the Tax Relief Law Center today by filling out our contact form at the top of this page.

Disruptive Phone Calls

Sometimes dealing with the IRS can be stressful, especially if you are being targeted through actions such as harassing phone calls. These phone calls can make taxpayers:

  • Feel a loss of privacy
  • Hostile and distrustful of callers
  • Avoid ever answering the phone
  • Miss important calls
  • Face constant noise and interruption

If you need help dealing with the IRS, you’re not alone – many people seek to put an end to harassing phone calls from the IRS with the help of an attorney.

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If you or someone you love has been dealing with harassing phone calls from the IRS, contact the experienced tax relief attorneys of the Tax Relief Law Center today by completing our contact form above.