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Paying Back Taxes

Back taxes, also known as tax debt, are the unpaid taxes that an individual owes to the government when he or she has not been keeping up with his or her taxes in previous years. Back taxes are assessed by the government against a taxpayer after the individual has failed to file his or her tax returns, and it usually includes a certain level of interest and penalties for being delayed.

If you have back taxes that have piled up, it is important that you strive to pay those debts back before more expenses accumulate. At the Tax Relief Law Center, our tax relief specialists are committed to helping people find relief from their tax burdens. To speak with one of our specialists, contact us today by filling out our form at the top of the page.

Reasons for Tax Debt Accumulation

There are many reasons why someone might end up with a number of back taxes to pay. Some common reasons include:

  • The individual was unaware that he or she owed taxes
  • The individual was given incorrect information about his or her taxes
  • The individual was purposely avoiding payment of taxes
  • The individual hired the services of an unqualified tax consultant

Resolving back taxes takes time, but with the help of an experienced tax relief specialist, you can apply to have your tax penalties dismissed or to receive a payment plan.

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