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Installment Agreements and Stopping IRS Collection Efforts

There are many people who do not have the income or financial flexibility needed to pay their taxes in full. Often, this can lead to more serious problems and financial burdens for the person and their family, especially when the IRS takes punitive action against them. Fortunately, there are certain options available to people in this situation, such as creating an installment agreement plan, which will usually stop the IRS from penalizing or taking action against you.

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When IRS Actions Will Not Be Taken

The IRS can take several actions, such as wage garnishments, levies, and liens, against you when you have delinquent taxes; however, with an installment agreement plan, the IRS might not take debt collection actions if:

  • The IRS is considering your installment plan
  • It’s been 30 days or less since your installment plan was rejected
  • An appeal of a rejected or ended installment plan is being reviewed
  • An installment plan is in place and being followed appropriately

If you are currently in one of the above situations and the IRS has taken action against you, you may be able to appeal this action.

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