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Commonly Seized Property

When the IRS becomes suspicious of a person’s tax return or has not received their payment, it may decide to file an action against that person. One of the potential consequences of an IRS action is the seizure of personal property, which can leave a person without essential assets. If you are potentially facing IRS action and need protection for your property, it’s best to enlist the legal services of an attorney who is familiar with IRS actions and tax law. A tax attorney may be able to help protect your belongings during an IRS action.

If you or someone you know is facing an IRS action and is worried about the IRS seizing property, contact our experienced tax attorneys at the Tax Relief Center today by filling out our contact form at the top of this page. Our attorneys may be able to help prevent the IRS from seizing your property and keep you from losing cherished belongings.

Types of Property Commonly Seized

The IRS can seize a number of different types of property. Some of the properties that may be targeted if the IRS files an action against a person include:

  • Homes / residences
  • Vehicles
  • Businesses

Additionally, the IRS may seize other properties that are often essential to a person’s everyday needs. This makes enlisting the aid of a qualified tax attorney invaluable to trying to protect your property.

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