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Child and Dependent Care

In the United States, a taxpayer can receive credit for any individuals in their household that qualify as a dependent. While the most commonly claimed dependents are children under a certain age, there are other individuals who may be counted as a legal “dependent” and may allow the legal guardian to claim them on their taxes.

Dependent Requirements

In order to claim a person as a dependent, the individual must meet certain expectations. These include:

  • Individuals that are physically or mentally unable to care for themselves and live with the taxpayer
  • Anyone under the age of 13 that is the sibling, step sibling, or child of the taxpayer
  • Spouses of the taxpayer that are unable to take care of themselves because of mental or physical disabilities
  • Children of divorce parents

When determining the credit percentage the taxpayer will receive, the expenses related to the care of the dependent and the adjusted gross income of the tax payer will be considered. It should be noted when investigating this opportunity, that the higher the adjusted gross income of the taxpayer, the lower their tax credit will be.

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